Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gospel rapper's message hits a chord

Dooney "Da Priest" garnered local coverage in the Jackson, Mississippi area in the Clarion Ledger, July 18.

His "Pull Your Pants Up" message and the potential city-wide ban on saggin' britches hits a chord with the young and old alike.

See what Jackson, Mississippi has to say about "Pull Your Pants Up!"

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Savoy Records' Producer Rev. Lawrence C. Roberts

We've lost another legend!!!

Many of you may have already been informed that Gospel Legend, Savoy Records’ producer, Rev. Lawrence C. Roberts passed away on July 14, 2008 at 5:22 pm. We were advised by his granddaughter, Dawn Miles that Rev. Roberts was with his family at the kitchen table when he was stricken with a massive heart attack.

Rev. Roberts is credited with changing the course of Gospel music history by being the first to perfect the “Live” recording experience in the Gospel genre with The King Of Gospel Rev. James Cleveland’s “Volume I”. In a conversation with Rev. Roberts, he shared with me how he met with Rev. James Cleveland and advised him that he wanted to record him “live,” in church, in service and just let the machine run. He stated, “no one at that time could see how that could work because the industry was only use to studio recordings; take one, take two, go back and clean it up and if you have to clean up a song too much you lose some of the fervor that the original interpretation may have had.”

That historic recording took place in October, 1960. Rev. Roberts went on to produced 14 albums for The King Of Gospel, Rev. James Cleveland, which included the classics “Peace Be Still”, “I Stood On The Banks Of Jordan”, “Christ Is The Answer” and the list goes on and on.

Rev. Lawrence C. Roberts’ legendary career came full circle just as he and Malaco began to reestablish a working relationship before his untimely death.

In memory of Rev. Lawrence C. Roberts, The Malaco Music Group will release his final contribution to this historic label, a compilation he entitled, “Bridging The Past, Blessing The Present In Song.”

To listen to clips of this Gospel Legend, visit

The viewing was held Friday, July 18 in Scottsdale, Georgia and the funeral was Saturday, July 19, in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Our hearts and prayers go out to his family during this time. He will be missed.

D.A. Johnson

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jackson Music Award Winners

Malaco Music Group was well-represented both nights of the Jackson Music Awards, Sunday, July 13 and Monday, July 14, 2008 at The Marriot Hotel in Downtown Jackson.

CONGRATULATIONS to our winners!!!
  • Carolyn Traylor - "National Female Gospel Soloist of the Year"
  • Willie Clayton - "International Producer of the Year," "Best Engineered Recording,"International CD of the Year"
  • Denise LaSalle - "International Female Vocalist of the Year"
  • Mel Waiters - "International Male Vocalist of the Year"
  • Bobby "Blue" Bland - "National Blues Artist of the Year"
  • Floyd Taylor - "Best Recording By A Single Artist"
  • Outlaw - "R & B Disc Jockey of the Year"

A special congratulations to our friend, Esther Wooten, for winning The Linzy “Don” Dixon Memorial Award. Her late husband, Roy "Mr. Malaco" Wooten worked in Gospel promotions for almost two decades. He is missed!

2008 Gospel Nominees (winners are in RED)

1. "National Female Soloist of the Year" (Sponsored by the New AT&T) - Beverly Crawford, Evelyn Turrentine Agee, Dottie Peoples, Dorothy Norwood, Carolyn Traylor, Angela Spivey

2. "Song of the Year by a National Single Artist" - “Where Would I Be” by Stan Jones & Tarrylyn Ramsey,“Why Aren’t You Loving Me” by Melvin Williams & Gerald Lavert, “Let Me Praise Him” Euclid Gray, “Eye On The Prize,” Angela Spivey, “It’s on The Way” Bishop Neal Roberson

3. "National Male Lead Singer of the Year" - Huey Williams, Luther Barnes, Darrell McFadden, Paul Porter, Melvin Williams, Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson, Bob Holloway

4. "Local Musician of the Year" - James Salome, Barry Bolden, Marcus Singleton, Dennis Bonds, Donavon Thigpen

5. "Local Female Vocalist of the Year" - Tonya Ware, Virgia Dishman, Sherry Tate, Dorothy Wooten

6. "Local Male Vocalist of the Year" - Harvey Arnold, Corey Armstrong, Carl Griffin, Terrell Brinson, Melvin “Jack” Williams, Joe Washington

7. "Local Group of the Year" - The Dew Drop Singers, The Cork Singers, The Kizer Singers, The Trumpettes

8. "Dance Ministry of the Year" - New Horizon Potters House Church Ministry, Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church GEMS, Canton United Methodist Praise Dance Ministry, Trinity United Methodist Church Praise Dance Ministry, Cathedral A.M.E. Zion Church Praise Dance Ministry, Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church Mime Ministry

9. NATIONAL ANNOUNCER (Pronouncer) OF THE YEAR – "The Roy Wooten Award" - Ederic Kearney/KUBD-FM- Sardis, MS; Marion Blake/KTSU-90.9, Tyrone Lindsey/WGRB-AM-Chicago, IL

10. JACKSON GOSPEL RADIO ANNOUNCER OF THE YEAR - Torrez Harris, Mark Hodges, Dora Gill, Marty Hart, Rev. Joe Washington

11. MISSISSIPPI GOSPEL RADIO ANNOUNCER OF THE YEAR - Latashia Wansley-Clark/WTYJ – Natchez, MS; Kaple Hill/WONG - Canton, MS; Sarah Hall/WNLA – Indianola, MS

12. "National Musician of the Year" - Merlin Lucious, Stan Jones, Maurice Morgan, Billy Voss, Castro Coleman

13. LOCAL CHURCH CHOIR DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR - Victoria Clemmons, James Harris, Adrien West, William Carter III, Lisa Williams Jan Taylor, Sondra Bell

14. SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR - Stan Jones “ I Recommend Jesus, George Dean “He Laid His Hands on Me,” Canton Jones “Love Song,” Melvin Williams “ Another Blessing,” Euclid Gray “Let Me Praise Him"

15. NATIONAL PRODUCER OF THE YEAR - Stan Jones, Paul Porter, Ray Braswell, Merlin Loucious, Milton Biggham, Doug Williams, Canton Jones, Jay Knoble

16. NATIONAL MALE SOLOIST OF THE YEAR - Doug Williams, Bishop Neal Roberson, Euclid Gray, Stan Jones, Melvin Williams

17. MALE CHORUS OF THE YEAR - Caney Creek, Mt. Nebo, Mt. Sinai, Pilgrim Rest, St. Luther,New Horizon

18. BEST SONG RECORDED BY A NATIONAL GROUP - “He Laid His Hands On Me” Lee Williams & The Spiritual QC’s, “I Recommend Jesus” The Canton Spirituals, “I'm Ready”- Keith” Wonderboy” Johnson, “Through The Years” Rev. Andrew Cheairs & The Songbirds

19. ALBUM OF THE YEAR RECORDED BY AN UPCOMING ARTIST - Harvey Arnold – “Still Going To Heaven When Jesus Comes Renewed," “Favor” Brandon Mitchell & Swap – “King of Glory,” Da Minister – “Keep It Holy”

20. "ALBUM OF THE YEAR RECORDED BY A NATIONAL GROUP - “Driven” The Canton Spirituals, “So Much To Be Thankful For” Lee Williams & The Spiritual QC

21. NATIONAL GROUP OF THE YEAR (Sponsored by WAPT) - Lee Williams & The Spiritual QC’s, The Canton Spirituals, The Jackson Southernaires, Keith” Wonderboy” Johnson

22. LOCAL CHURCH CHOIR OF THE YEAR - Caney Creek, Jackson Revival Center, Potters House, Greater Mt. Calvary

23. COMMUNITY CHOIR OF THE YEAR - Brandon Mitchell & SWAP, Pastor Rudolph, Dathan Thigpen & Holy Nation, Larissa Tate & Romans 8, Vernon Moore & The Urgency Project

24. FEMALE LEAD SINGER OF A LOCAL CHURCH CHOIR - Sherry Tate, Lisa Williams, Shuntina McLin, Latoya Knight

25. BEST ENGINEERED RECORDING - “Crazy Like Love” by Melvin Williams – Engineered by Stan Jones & Randy Everett, “Driven” by The Canton Spirituals – Engineered by Stan Jones, “Let Me Praise Him” by Euclid Gray- Engineered by Otis Bethea, “So Much To Be Thankful For” – Engineered by Kevin Houston, Rick Caughran & James Cross

26. THE LINZY “DON” DIXON MEMORIAL AWARD (Sponsored by the Farish Street Festival) - Percy Davis, David Curry, Ester Wooten

27. THE FRANK WILLIAMS MEMORIAL AWARD - Bob Holloway, Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson, Teddy Cross, Clay Graham Walter Witherspoon

2008 R & B Nominees (winners are in RED)

1. "Background Vocalist of the Year" - Angela Gray, Tonya Youngblood, Sonya Brown, Thomisene Anderson

2. "International Producer of the Year" - Vick Allen for “When You Pack Your Bags” by Vick Allen, Charles Richard Cason for “You’ve Still Got It” by Floyd Taylor, Willie Clayton for “A Woman Knows” by Willie Clayton, T.K. Soul for “Try Me” by T.K. Soul, Omar Cunningham for “My Life” by Omar Cunningham

3. "Pop Group of the Year" (Local) - Chris Gill & The Sole Shakers, The Earth Angels, Fade 2 Blue, Johnnie Crocker

4. "R&B Group of the Year (Local) - The Mo-Money Band, Ezzra Brown & Seven, Coop De Bell (Formerly of 24/7), Compozitionz, D-Mar & Nu Funk Society, High Frequency & Jus Right

5. "Country Music Award" - Owens Brothers Band, Sweet Water Jade, Silverado Band

6. "International Songwriter of the Year" - Willie Clayton for “A Woman Knows” by Willie Clayton, Patrick Hobson for “When You Pack Your Bags” by Vick Allen, Charles Richard Cason for “You’ve Still Got It” by Floyd Taylor, Bennie Latimore for “My Give A Damn Gave Out A Long Time Ago” by Latimore, Omar Cunningham for “My Life” by Omar Cunningham

7. "Best Engineered Recording" - Ron Carbo for “A Woman Knows” by Willie Clayton, Vincent Grizell, Vick Allen & Kent Bruce for “When You Pack Your Bags” by Vick Allen, Richard Cason, Kent Bruce, & Wolf Stephenson for “You’ve Still Got It” by Floyd Taylor, Ron Carbo for “Lose Ya Mind” by Young Tut

8. "International Female Vocalist of The Year" Shirley Brown, Denise LaSalle, Ms Jody, Vicki Baker

9. "International Male Vocalist of the Year" - Willie Clayton, J. Blackfoot, Sir Charles Jones, Latimore, Omar Cunningham, Mel Waiters, Vick Allen, T.K. Soul, Floyd Taylor

10. "Poetry/Spoken Word-National" - Jerriod Avant, Kanika Welch, C. Leigh McGinnis, Jackson Harlem, Bamboo

11. "International CD of the Year" - “My Time” by Willie Clayton, “Undisputed” by T.K. Soul, “Back At Ya” by Latimore, “Baby Come Back Home” by Vick Allen, “My Life” by Omar Cunningham

12. "Local Blues Artist of the Year" - Eddie Cotton, King Edward, Grady Champion, Jessie Robinson, Stevie J, Jessie Robinson

13. "National Blues Artist of The Year" - Bobby Rush, Denise LaSalle, O.B. Buchannan, Theodis Ealy, Lee “Shot” Williams, Pat Brown, Bobby Bland, B.B. King

14. "Best Recording by a Single Artist" - “A Woman Knows” by Willie Clayton, “Try Me” by T.K. Soul, “My Give A Damn Gave Out A Long Time Ago” by Latimore, “When You Pack One Bag” by Vick Allen, “You Still Got It” by Floyd Taylor, “Good Loving Will Make You Cry” by Carl Marshall

15. "The King Mose Memorial Award" - Frank Dixon, Tommy Marshall, Jessie Robinson, Jessie Primer, Jr.

16. "Urban Disc Jockey of the Year" - Alice Marie, Kwasi Kwa ,Chris Carr, Sam Brown

17. "Local Entertainer of the Year" - Henry Rhodes & The Mo-Money Band, Dexter Allen, Ezra Brown & Seven, D-Mar & Nu Funk Society, Stevie J

18. "Musician of The Year" - Ezra Brown, D-Mar, Forrest “Juke” Gordon, Dexter Allen, Harrison Calloway

19. "Statewide R & B Announcer" - Dalton Hill/WTYJ Natchez

20. "R & B Disc Jockey of The Year" - Outlaw / WMPR, Ragman / WMPR, Evelyn Reed / WKXI, Jacob Gray / WKXI

21. "Jazz Group of The Year" - Andy Hardwick, Gregg Robinson Trio, Russell Thomas Jr., Jessie Primer lll, Dowell Taylor Trio

22. "Local Female Vocalist of The Year" - Beverly Ellis, LaTonga Gardner, Jackie Bell, Carol Bell Cooper (Formerly of 24/7), Rhonda Richmond

23. "Local Male Vocalist of The Year" - Henry Rhodes, Michael Robinson, Derrick Cooper (Formerly of 24/7), Dexter Allen, McAfee

24. "International Entertainer of The Year" - Bobby Rush, Shirley Brown, J. Blackfoot, T.K. Soul, Latimore , Floyd Taylor, Mel Waiters, Willie Clayton, Reggie P, Marvin Sease , Billy “Soul” Bonds, Omar Cunningham, Denise LaSalle, David Banner

25. “Rap Artist of The Year” - Young Tut, Dread Bred, Lil C, & Joker

26. “Hip Hop Female Artist of The Year” - Soul, Black Pearl, Infinite, Ms Styles

27. “Hip Hop Male Artist of The Year” - Vedoe G, Workhorse, Benz, Young Tut, Lil C & Joker

28. “Hip Hop Group of The Year” - Team Yea Yea, Dred Bread, Affiliated

29. “Hip Hop Entertainer of The Year” - Kamikaze, Cadillac Don, Boo, David Banner

A Visit From Denise LaSalle

As we mentioned back in December, Denise is back with Malaco Records.

Last night she made an appearance at the Jackson Music Awards - so stopped by the studio today to visit and catch up with some old friends!

Everyone is glad to have her back in the house. She is a great lady! Tomorrow is Denise's birthday!


Denise and her granddaughter, Samantha

Wolf Stephenson, Denise and Samantha

our IT extraordinaire & Malaco historian, Burton "Info" Doss and Denise

For the latest news on Denise and to listen to her music visit her MySpace page!

Overheard at Malaco - Volume I

There's a great blog a friend recommended to me called Overheard In New York.

People send in funny and random bits of conversations they overhear in public places.

Why should New Yorkers have a monopoly on funny things they overhear? If you think that's where it stops, you've never been to the South...and you've never spent much time at Malaco!

So here's our own personal edition of "Overheard At Malaco":

executive 1: Did you listen to the whole thing? the rest of the album is pretty good.
executive 1: I can't hear a telephone ring, but I know a good song when I hear one and that wasn't it!

* * * *
Songwriter: Hey, that looks like those, uh, those bingles we had in Europe. you know, when we had those bingles and cappuccino.
Studio tech: Yeah, bagels. Bagels and cappuccino.

* * * *

Friend 1: I'm not ready to go but i guess when it's your time...
Friend 2: You weren't ready to go, but you had Him on the line!

* * * *

Switchboard operator: “Malaco Records...”
Caller: "Can I have the Music Department please?”

* * * *

guess who 1: i'm gonna make like a turd and hit the trail.

* * * *

Worker 1 : So what did the doctor say?
Worker 2: You know, I’m not good at medical terms, but he told me I cracked my rotator cuff and pulled some superintendons.

* * * *
Several employees were sitting in the kitchen celebrating someone's birthday with a little cake.

Employee walks in: "What y'all eating? Red Velour cake?

* * * *
Employee 1: Can you make my child’s Halloween costume?
Employee 2: Sure. When do you need it?
Employee 1: Maybe a few weeks or about a month before.
Employee 2: Ok. When’s Halloween?
Employee 1: The same time it is every year. Oh, by the way, Christmas is gonna be December 25th this year.

* * * *

When Rolling Stone Magazine was here to interview legendary promotions man, Dave Clark, this is what he had to say about his marriage to a much younger woman: "You may not be able to cut the mustard but that don't mean you can't lick the jar."

* * * *

Artist 1: You know, I’m thinking about getting married.
Artist 2: You are? That’s wonderful. Are you in love?

Artist 1: Well…I’m in love with…love.

* * * *

guess who 2: Oooo...she's grinnin' like a mule eatin' saw briars!

* * * *
Stayed tuned for more...the possibilities are endless.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Quartet Continues Legacy with New Songs and Newly-Recorded Versions of Timeless Classics Focusing on Messages of Deliverance, Celebration and Rejoicing

(New York, NY – July 8, 2008) – With the upcoming release of A SOUL STIRRING REUNION on Malaco Records, the legendary SOUL STIRRERS have produced yet another milestone in a career that has helped shape the world of music—including both traditional and contemporary gospel, R&B as well as Rock & Roll. In stores on September 23, 2008, A SOUL STIRRING REUNION will offer established fans as well as a new generation of music enthusiasts, a trove of the group’s great classic songs that have kept the magnificent quartet at the forefront of traditional gospel since their 1926 formation by Silas Roy Crain.

The group’s new album brings new life to such gospel music benchmarks with the first single, the much-loved Soul Stirrers perennial, “The Love Of God.” The song is a standout, featuring the lead vocals of special guest Floyd Taylor, son of the late Johnnie Taylor, a member of The Soul Stirrers from 1957 until 1961. Other music benchmarks include “Be With Me Jesus,” “Nearer To Thee,” “Wade In The Water” and “Lord Remember Me,” all staples in The Soul Stirrers’ vast repertoire. Other highlights include “Oh What A Meeting,” “Restin’ Easy” and two songs originally arranged by Sam Cooke—“Stand By Me Father” and “The Last Mile of the Way.” A true jewel is the wonderful, heartfelt rendition by Reverend Luther Gamble of the memorable, “Peace Be Still.” Johnnie Taylor was featured on the original of “When The Gates Swing Open,” revived on this new album with a blues-tinged rendition by Eddie Huffman. The famous Soul Stirrers harmonies that set the trend for so many others in the gospel world are also reflected in the stirring new upbeat original tracks—“Going To A Meeting,” and “I’m Still Here”—both written by project producer and guest vocalist, Darrell Luster of the Sensational Nightingales.

The line-up for A SOUL STIRRING REUNION consists of longtime member LeRoy Crume who first joined the Stirrers in 1955, brother Arthur who began playing guitar with the group in 1965, Eddie Huffman, a Soul Stirrer off and on since 1973, Willie Rogers, a member at different times since 1965, and Reverend Luther Gamble, who first joined the group in 1974.

LeRoy Crume, whose individual credits include work with Aretha Franklin and The Staple Singers, recalls that the group was approached in late 2007 by Malaco Records, long a bastion for traditional and contemporary gospel music. “The group had been doing performances here and there, somewhat sparingly, but we always stayed in touch,” says Crume. “I’d been away from the music business for a while, so at first, I was a little cool towards the idea but once I got together with the other guys in the group and we met with Malaco, the juices started flowing again.”

Malaco Records executive D.A. Johnson notes that A SOUL STIRRING REUNION follows a similar project the label did with The Caravans. “As a company known for working with the legends in gospel music, we felt it was important not just for traditional gospel but for music in general to have a new recording by The Soul Stirrers,” says Johnson. “There’s no bigger name in the quartet genre than The Soul Stirrers.”

The Soul Stirrers are considered pioneers, trendsetters and trailblazers in the world of music, bringing inspiration and joy to church congregations, concert hall audiences and festival-goers for a remarkable eight decades. Honored in 1989 by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as one of ‘Rock’s Early Influences,’ The Soul Stirrers are justifiably remembered as one of gospel music’s premier vocal quartets.

The group was formed in 1926 in Trinity, Texas led by Silas Roy Crain with lead singer Rebert H. “Pop” Harris, and moved to Chicago in 1936, where they became one of the very first gospel groups to travel and charge admission for their performances. The Soul Stirrers’ commanding vocal style and incomparable harmonies, quickly earned them name recognition and during the ‘40s, the group became known, in particular, for having two lead singers within its ranks. The arrival of Sam Cooke in 1951, replacing R.H. Harris who was featured on the group’s very first recordings for Specialty Records, dramatically changed the appeal of The Soul Stirrers. With his dashing good looks, Cooke quickly became gospel music’s first heartthrob, stepping out on an immediate and huge hit for the group, “Jesus Gave Me Water.” This would be the first of many classic songs Sam Cooke would deliver that helped create a lasting repertoire for The Soul Stirrers. After Cooke left in 1957 to pursue a secular career, he was replaced by former Highway QC’s vocalist Johnnie Taylor, who also left the group in 1961 after five successful years fronting the group to pursue a solo career in R&B. Other vocalists featured during the group’s illustrious history include J.J. Farley, Paul Foster, Martin Jacox and Julius Cheeks.

A SOUL STIRRING REUNION is a fitting reminder of The Soul Stirrers’ prominence in the gospel music genre and features heartfelt music that genuinely stirs the soul.

For more information on The Soul Stirrers and A SOUL STIRRING REUNION, please visit their MySpace page (

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

There's A Lot Cookin' at

If you've haven't heard of Malaco's internet radio station or have been meaning to tune in, go ahead and click right here before you read another word.

... ... ... ...

Don't you feel better? Now that you know where in the internet you're going, you can listen loud and clear to what we've got cookin'. Get ready for a lot of lovin' on your ears Southern Soul-style.

Please meet our distinguished DJs

Funky Larry is on the air Monday through Friday, beginning at 7:00am - 10:59am CST. He'll get you awake in the morning. Funky's show is music intensive, featuring the best and latest Southern Soul and R & B, playing upbeat tracks to help kick-start your day and get you moving! In his own words: “With Internet Southern Soul Radio we are breaking new ground and creating endless possibilities. I am proud to be a part of this movement.”

A Florida native, Larry Jones, a.k.a Funky Larry, embarked on his radio disc jockey career at the tender age of fourteen years old with his own part-time talk show. He then later got his own full-time spot. From that point, he found his way all across the South and right in the heart of Southern Soul lovers.

Real Life Testimonial: He's an expert on Classic R & B and Southern Soul. For example, for the past four or five days, there was a mystery song in my head - driving me crazy, no less - and I didn't know the name of it and didn't know the artist. I asked Outlaw, who made a guess and then he took me to Funky for the final word on the subject. I sang the tune for him and, "Bingo!" he knew it immediately. By the way, the song was the instrumental "Soulful Strut" by Young-Holt Unlimited. Alls I've gotta say, is, "Damn, he's good!"

When you can’t catch Funky Larry on your radio dial, as they used to say, you can read the latest news through his publication The Soul and Blues Report. Be sure to tune in Monday thru Friday from 7:00am – 10:00am CST to see what Funky Larry’s got sizzlin' in the skillet for you.

Your midday DJ, Outlaw, brings the tunes to help get you through your workday or for those ladies at home looking for a little down home soul to spice up the day. He will keep you grooving from 11am until 3pm.

When Outlaw isn't assisting a girl in need of a song title, he's generally causing trouble - but the good kind of trouble. (despite the fact that he says I should stick with my day job after he heard me sing to Funky - I say, he better stick his lips shut! What does he know?)

He is a 30-year veteran of the radio and entertainment business, having been around since ... well, let's just say age is wisdom. He is an early morning DJ on Jackson's WMPR FM 90.1. Early means 4 am early. If you haven't turned in yet from a fun night or you're just an early bird, tune in.

You can't find a better DJ in the area - this man is full of fun and knows good music. On the weekends, you can also find Outlaw in & out of special events, clubs and parties, spinning his magic to make sure everybody is having a good time and shakin' their booty on the dance floor! 'Scuze me...did somebody say booty?

So, from 10am until 3pm, don't waste your work day away completely...make sure it's got some meaning. Listen to Outlaw!

Rob Jay is our local station's, WLBT, Sports personality, and he's also a huge music fan. He will get your engine revved at the end of the day with Blues and Soul! When the whistle blows, you'll be out of the ho-hums and into your get up and go for the rest of the evening.

Tune in to Rob's show from 3pm until 6pm CST ... gas is expensive these days but you can get some free fuel right here!

As if being a hit-writing, chart-topping, constantly-touring artist wasn't enough, Mel Waiters is also a 10-year veteran of radio. Every Friday night for three hours, his show "Friday Night Fish Fry" is a special blend of spice, flavor and soul. Put your feet up with a cold beer or hit the ground with both feet and shake it! Mel blasts the best Blues and Soul across the airwaves. So sit back and get ready for a good time with an old friend.

His show has become so popular, it is getting national syndication. It's not just a local thing any more!!

It is in its 7th week running here in the Deep South and the show is promising for both Mel and his fans. Mel Waiters Fans, there's no better way to spend time with your favorite artist sharing the songs he loves - picked out especially for you!

For three hours every Friday night, Mel spins the hottest in Southern Soul and Blues, including many of his favorites. Radio affiliates on a national level have taken notice of his show and have begun to broadcast it on their stations. Friday Night Fish Fry is reaching a broader audiences as folks tune in to see what Mel's cooking up.

When I spoke to Mel, he was in the studio taking a short break from touching up the tracks on his new album. He is looking forward to the release of another CD. He says the new CD should be out at the end of this year or early next year depending on when he finishes getting all the tracks laid down. It's not like he has anything else to in San Antonio, touring every weekend and working on the radio show.

**We decided that he needed to start selling his Hot Sauce at the shows. Ask him about that next time you see him live!
Rob Jay is back on Saturday nights playing the Blues and raisin' sand with his sidekick, Pop, for "Saturday Night Juke Joint."
Rob Jay thinks Pop has a thing or two to learn about music and life in the 21st century.

Is he behind the times? Pop ain't no fool and teaches Rob Jay a thing or two about the good ol' days...and why he might need to quit talkin' so much and do a little bit of listenin'. They've got jokes, arguements and lessons to learn from each other.

Tune in for the fun!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Movement Has Begun - "Pull Your Pants Up!"

The Malaco Music Group would like to openly thank radio stations from California to New York for their overwhelmingly support of Dooney Da Priest's single "Pull Your Pants Up!”

Although "Pull Your Pants Up! is receiving Hip Hop and Urban Mainstream spins, Gospel radio has lead the charge and has received a resounding thumbs up from the church community from top bishops, pastors, concerned mothers, fathers and youth that want change, establishing "Pull Your Pants Up!" as one of the top requested song at Gospel radio.

"Pull Your Pants Up!" is undoubtedly crossing over into mutli-formatting extremes. On Gospel radio, you may hear The Sensational Nightingales' "Just Traveling Through", then "Pull Your Pants Up!", Hip Hop radio, Lil Wayne's "Lollipop", then "Pull Your Pants Up!" and Urban Mainstream radio, Usher's "Love In This Club", then "Pull Your Pants Up!"; Some stations are just reverting back to radio of yesteryear and playing "Pull Your Pants Up!" back to back to back, all watching their phone lines light up like the 4th of July.
Programmers, let's really celebrate our independence this holiday weekend in a way that only radio could.

The people have spoken and they say, "Please Play Pull You Your Pants Up!"

If you want to see if the radio stations in your area are playing “Pull Your Pants Up!”, go to If your radio station isn't playing it yet, give them a call and help spread the word!

D.A. Johnson
Executive Director of Gospel

And In Other News...Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section

Congratulations are in order for our friends Jimmy Johnson, David Hood, Roger Hawkins and Barry Beckett aka The Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section!!

This talented group of musicians and songwriters will be inducted into the Musicians Hall Of Fame in October in Nashville.

Other inductees include Booker T. and the MGs, the Memphis Horns, musician and producer Al Kooper, producer Billy Sherrill and Buddy Holly's band the Crickets.

Read more about the inductees and the Musicians Hall of Fame on Yahoo News.


Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum opened in June 2007. The first annual 2007 Hall of Fame Inductees were The Memphis Boys, The Wrecking Crew, The Nashville A Team, The Funk Brothers, The Blue Moon Boys and The Tennessee Two.

See our previous post where Jimmy, David and several other notable musicians were in the Malaco studio recording rhythm tracks for Artie "Blues Boy" White.

Best Tunes For Your Holiday Weekend Celebration

According to an article written in The Baltimore Sun, read which famous Malaco tune columnist Rashod D. Ollison recommends for your playlist on the 4th.

Here's a hint:
"…for those of us raised in black neighborhoods in the deep South during the 1980s, this cut was widely played on adult stations and in corner juke joints."

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Malaco At The Movies

Do you ever hear a song in a film and find yourself singing along?

The tune fits into the scene perfectly and makes you smile. Ever wonder who owns some of those songs?

Malaco Music Group has been in the movies (...and television and commercials) since the 1980s.

When visitors come into the lobby, one of the first things they notice are the movie posters. They line the walls from the lobby to the studios, to Tommy Couch, Sr.'s office to the kitchen and all the way around to the Gospel Suite. Movie posters are hanging everywhere.

Over the last forty years, Malaco acquired some of the most sought after publishing catalogs and master recordings to add to its already substantial collection. Early, classic R & B and Blues hits coupled with sacred Gospel tracks make for an impressive assortment of titles, including those from Savoy, Apollo and Muscle Shoals Sound. Artists such as Mahalia Jackson, Mississippi Fred McDowell, King Floyd, Mississippi Mass Choir and Dorothy Moore have strong ties to a little ol' label in Jackson, Mississippi.

Look at the list of movies below...did you know it was Malaco??

"Old Time Rock And Roll"

"Mr. Big Stuff"
"Girl Move Their Butts"

"Groove Me"

"Every Time I Feel The Spirit"

"Misty Blue"

"Groove Me"

"Ring My Bell"

"Slippin' And Slidin'"

"Ring My Bell"


"Old Time Rock And Roll"

"Misty Blue"

"Groove Me"

"Old Time Rock And Roll"

"Help Is On The Way"

"Mr. Big Stuff"

"Old Time Rock And Roll"

"Jesus On The Mainline"

"Let Jesus Fix It For You"

"Lyrics To The Rhythm"

"Mr. Big Stuff"

We're money, baby!